Open Letter to Disney Bean counters & Producer Woods…

On March 20th I refreshed my the tab I had the Playdom game Marvel Avengers Alliance running on and got this lovely message from Playdom.  “Playdom says that it will offer no refunds or credits for “virtual goods, game currency or other items purchased” once the game stops being offered on Playdom’s platform.” At the very least I do hope Disney/Playdom are planning on migrating us all over to the Facebook version of the game but after filing 11 tickets to support for a transfer the Facebook version of the game, I found that only “Transfer assistance is only available to those that have spent real world money to purchase gold or silver on” So much for that Freemium business model! Image

I hope they’re reading the MAA forums because this sudden abrupt announcement from the Disney Bean Counters didn’t go over well. I bet they’re tightening their sphincters over there, here are some of my favorite threads:

Disney wants you to spend $100 or $200 a month. At the $100/$200 price point scores you an exclusive in game weapon… For $100/$200 I expect HARDWARE IE: a game system. Oh and get this, Playdom/Disney wants you to spend $100 or $200 a month on three different versions of THE SAME GAME. So if you played on Playdom, it doesn’t count on the Facebook or Android Apps. I guess that MAA isn’t Free or Freemium after all.

Disney can not afford another “City of Heroes” mistake. Again gamers remember being left out in the cold. I salute Producer Woods and his team, they’re doing an excellent job with MAA. Disney should figure out a way to keep this team together building up MAA on Playdom & Facebook for as long as you plan on pumping out Marvel based movies… I strongly suggest the bean counters, Producer Woods and some other bright people at Disney put their heads together and figure out a business model to make Playdom/MAA a win/win for everyone. Do not screw over your gamer fan base again. Do not punish the players for your failed business models.

  • Budget Playdom/MAA into the advertising budgets of every Marvel movie Disney plans on putting out.
  • More Exclusive Marvel content unlockable in Spec Ops & Covert Ops (Get those actors doing Voiceovers and/or mini vids only for MAA)
  • Get rid of crappy ads on playdom and sell Marvel Merchandise (Offer exclusive Marvel stuff (SpecOp/CovertOp Comic, DVDs, BluRays & T-Shirts) you can ONLY get through Playdom/MAA)
That last item alone should be able to fully fund Playdom for as long as Marvel/Disney are doing well in the comic book/movie business. The total cost of all available Heroes is 7853 command points (not including lockbox Villain/Heroes) or 3926.5 in gold or $755.10*. Before Playdom shut down MAA, I had every hero available save Ghost RIder & Magik and every lockbox Villain/Hero save Taskmaster so 7453 cp or 31717.5 gold/$716.64* worth of heroes(Not including whatever Playdom/Disney are going to charge for LB Heroes). BTW Corporations aren’t people. This proves it.

Freemium isn’t Free anymore. Thanks Disney/Playdom/Marvel! A former True Believer.

*All values calculated buying $200/1040 Gold

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  1. #1 by Amy Vernon (@AmyVernon) on April 24, 2014 - 12:23 am

    I don’t let my boys do in-game purchases and hate them. I’d rather pay for a game at the start than be nickel-and-dimed, and hate it even more when it’s in games that I *have* paid for. I also think it completely takes away from the game, as you’re basically paying to win or do better. Whatever the case, if you’re moving to a new platform, it should be assumed that all accounts – whether they paid for stuff in the game or not – will be able to transfer to the new platform. That sucks.

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