Digg Trends: The First 16 Stories (or Victims)

At first when I heard about Digg Trends I thought that the Digg Users looking at the front page would bury most of the stories.  Digg Trends are stories showing a high amount of activity (diggs, comments, shares etc).  With Digg Trends the Digg users have ten minutes to decide if the story should be on the front page or be buried.  Digg also put some snarkiness into it as well, “Failed! Just like nü metal, this trend failed. It won’t be promoted.” And, “Buried When time’s up, we’ll tell you if everyone agreed with you.”

I think the clock is a bit big but otherwise I like it.  The design is a over sized in general but I think thats the idea, to get the Digg users’ attention.  It’s definitely a shock seeing this for the first time because I can’t remember the last major change to the Digg front page design (besides them taking away the avatars).

Digg Trending - "For Thrillers, Glenn Beck Is Becoming New Oprah"

Digg Trending - "For Thrillers, Glenn Beck Is Becoming New Oprah"

Here are the first 16 to hit on Digg Trends:

  1. For Thrillers, Glenn Beck Is Becoming New OprahBuried
  2. Domain Name Shill Bidding Scheme Uncovered At SnapNamesMade popular
  3. Disney Will Make Over Mickey — Why? To Make Us Like HimMade popular
  4. Tom Cruise Controls Books and Bottles With His Mind ” Buried
  5. Crabs trade sex for protectionMade popular
  6. Windows 7 vulnerable to 8 out of 10 virusesMade popular
  7. Piggy Trouble (INFOGRAPHIC)Made popular
  8. Darwinian evolutionary theory will help find alien lifeMade popular
  9. A Black Hole Engine That Could Power Spaceships [Mad ScienceMade popular
  10. False alarm: new Mac OS X 10.6.2 build restores Atom supportMade popular
  11. “Brand New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Released!Made popular
  12. More on secret copyright treaty: your kids could go to jailMade popular
  13. “Profit “Not Satanic” Barclays Says Buried
  14. Dunce! Judge orders women to hold signs admitting crimeMade popular
  15. Israeli Commandos Seize Hezbollah-Bound Arms ShipMade popular
  16. Italian court: 23 Americans guilty of kidnapping in CIA caseBuried

Only four were buried of the 16 so far.  I really thought it would have been the other way around, but so far so good.  I hope this trend continues.

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  1. #1 by Waheed Akhtar on November 6, 2009 - 6:05 am

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. #2 by MIke on November 6, 2009 - 9:27 am

    Where the hell do I find these digg trends stories? Not seeing them on the front page.

  3. #3 by stanimal13 on November 6, 2009 - 10:16 am

    thanks for all your insight dude!

  1. The Dude Dean (thedudedean) 's status on Friday, 06-Nov-09 00:51:06 UTC - Identi.ca

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